Utility mapping identifies the location and label of subsurface utilities, and CAD drawings present a clear picture of the construction site and its underground features. Using survey grade GPS technologies, we can build and construct CAD drawings of the existing underground and overhead utilities on your job site, either from scratch or layered on top of existing CAD drawings. This is the best way to ensure that your whole team is informed and on the same page before digging or drilling.

How Does Utility Mapping Work?

Our process for creating utility maps begins with a complete scan the designated area using electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar equipment. Our goal is to find not only what is known to exist, but to also find utilities that no one knows are there. Once we have identified the horizontal location of all the locatable utilities, we collect GPS data of the area for the more precise scaled drawing.

For even more comprehensive data, we can also use our vacuum excavation service to expose any utility in order to provide quality level A data, which would include the vertical measurement of the utility, as well as the size, condition, and material type. Our experienced engineering staff then compiles the data into a legible, user friendly CAD drawing that can be used to reference the underground utilities in the project area. This CAD drawing can then be layered on top of your existing CAD drawings to provide a complete picture of your job site.


What level of accuracy are the GPS coordinates provided?

We have equipment that provides survey grade and utility grade accuracy. Let us know which one your job requires at the time of estimate and scheduling.

Are you a licensed surveyor?

No. We are not capable of providing sealed plans.

Can Master Locators provide geo-referenced utility mapping?

Master Locators' field technicians utilize survey-grade global positioning systems to collect horizontal utility locations marked out during geophysical investigations. These horizontal locations can be plotted onto aerial imagery or site drawings if provided by the client as an AutoCAD compatible file, typically a DWG or DXF file. Master Locators delivers the results as PDF printable map sheets and can provide the AutoCAD file containing the horizontal locations of utilities marked out during geophysical investigations.

Does Master Locators have a licensed surveyor that can sign and seal utility mapping?

If a project requires that the utility mapping produced be signed and sealed by the licensed professional land surveyor (PLS), Master Locators can partner with a local land surveying company to assist with the deliverable portion of the work. Master Locators will subcontract a local licensed land surveying firm to perform the utility mapping portion of a project to ensure that this requirement can be fulfilled. It is standard operating procedure for a Project Manager from Master Locators to work closely with the subcontractor during the field work and the review process, when both parties agree that the mapping is accurate, the PLS can sign off and Master Locators will provide the utility mapping along with our standard field work deliverables.

Does Master Locators provide elevations using land surveying equipment?

Typically elevations are required for design and engineering purposes. If precise elevations are required for marked utilities and/or related surface structures Master Locators recommends a combination of vacuum excavation to expose utilities and professional land surveying services. Master Locators can perform vacuum excavation in conjunction with a 3rd party PLS to collected elevation data on utilities exposed through non-destructive vacuum excavation. Master Locators provides depth below ground surface measurements while the utility is exposed that can later be compared to elevation data collected by a PLS.