Scope of Work: Master Locators was directed by the customer to perform a pipe inspection of the storm main that circles the building. We were given a print showing multiple cleanouts to be used as access points. The job is to CCTV inspect storm system for the building that is 1000 linear feet in perimeter with over 11 runs. Need to be able to have easy access to all mains and laterals. We could not find any of the clean outs with the exception of one that will not open, and the customer didn’t want us to break it open. This was an active construction site and it is believed that the clean outs have been buried or covered by material and equipment. We were able to use the manhole as an access point and inspect approximately 100 feet of the main in both directions. We did come across one catch basin on the site but it could not be accessed due to a large piece of equipment placed on top of it. All of the findings are in the VPI reports and videos. There are new apartments are being built in this location. When this is completed, Witherspoon Apartments will feature 60 units of new affordable housing for adults 62 and better. It will offer on-site parking, a doctor’s office, a salon, and it will be in close proximity to public transportation, shopping centers and other amenities. It will be the fourth community located within the confines of Presby’s 58th St Campus. This is expected to be completed in September of 2018.

Deliverables: Electronic Sketch/PMU, VPI Report

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