This was a simple private utility locating job that Master Locators completed right by Villanova University Campus. We used a duct rodder, and Electromagnetic scanning to locate and mark out a ductbank. There was an empty conduit in the ductbank, which we accessed about 8 feet down inside a manhole. We put a duct rodder in the fiber optic conduit to find the possible location of the conduit. The conduit was located and marked out where we started in the manhole and crossing the street.

As part of our seven steps of locating process, we also performed passive scans and used GPR to locate any unknown utilities that may have been in the area. When the work was completed, our technician walked the site with our client to show him where the conduit was running through the scope and, across the street, where we marked it out.

Deliverables: Electronic Sketch / PMU 


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