Scope of Work

Master Locators provided services on a project on the 37th Street SEPTA station at the University of Pennsylvania. We were part of the pre construction stage of the project as we provided Quality Level A data on the underground utilities in the proposed areas for the client to perform caisson drilling. We cleared the area of all locatable underground utilities to lay the foundation for the construction to begin.

Master Locators provided private utility locating services to locate the outside edge of the SEPTA subway station tunnel wall, 20 feet deep, where the client proposed to drill their caissons. While the client provided the layout for the edge of the SEPTA tunnel wall that was to be located, Master Locators provided the Quality Level A data using vacuum excavation.

Initially, we entered the subway tunnel with a super sonde, transmitting a signal upward adjacent to the tunnel wall. This was in an effort to locate the line before performing the test pits. We located the signal from above the surface, and marked out the tunnel at ground level. After the tunnel was located, we used hydro vacuum excavation to dig up to 20 feet deep, exposing the tunnel wall and confirming the exact location of the outside edge of the SEPTA tunnel wall. The excavated materials were dumped on site, and the client was responsible for backfilling the test hole. In confirming the location of the tunnel wall, the area was cleared for caisson drilling to begin.

Deliverables: Electronic Sketch / PMU; Test Hole Data Sheets

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