Master Locators provided air vacuum excavation services at the Trenton Mercer Airport in Ewing Township, NJ. The airport had plans to install a generator on a slab, and needed to clear the area of any utilities in the proposed area where the generator would be installed. They also needed Quality Level A data on the location of two duct banks on another part of the airport property. In total, Master Locators excavated on three different sites at the airport.

The first site we performed vacuum excavation on was for the proposed generator installation, and it measured approximately 21 feet long, 6.6 feet wide, and up to 2 feet deep until we found the utilities. In the other two areas, each excavation measured 15 feet long, 1 foot wide, and 2 to 3 feet deep, until the utilities were reached. We excavated on the duct banks to confirm the location of the two duct banks.

This work was a small part of long term renovations at the airport over the next few years. The airport is planning to update current facilities, and expand by developing additional terminals. As the airport is growing, is it expanding to keep up with customer demands.

Deliverables: Excavate, Field Service Report

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