Scope of Work: Connected to wall panels and blind searched each appropriate area. No electrical rooms to investigate. They were only able to direct connected to the case of wall panel and blind search. The technician was able to see electric boxes with wiring embedded in concrete when looking up from second floor in some areas. The first floor and third floor were finished areas. I suspected that the lighting fed from electric boxes in bottom of concrete is fed from wall panels. There were no visible conduit penetrations to connect to, and passive scans did not reveal any conflicts. The GPR results were difficult to interpret because there were multiple layers on reinforcement based on grid scans. The roof still had a membrane on top, and we advised the customer that it’s usually pretty difficult to properly scan with GPR with roofing material still in place. We connected to a couple conduits in the mechanical room on the roof and blind searched. We marked one unknown on the edge of the scope and advised the customer. Swarthmore college is building a new area within the McCabe library. The space on the second floor will include government documents, additional group study spaces, and tech services. The renovations are expected to be completed by the summer of 2019

Deliverables: Electronic Sketch/PMU


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