The Challenge

Located in Pennsylvania, Swarthmore College sought Master Locators’ services to help locate private utilities in part of the McCabe Library. The liberal arts school was planning a renovation project for the second floor. The new area would feature government documents, additional group study spaces and tech services. With Master Locators’ help, Swarthmore College was able to meet its deadline of Summer 2019 to open the new section of the library.

How We Did It

Our service technician performed ground penetrating radar (GPR) and concrete scanning to mark out the locatable utilities. The GPR results were difficult to interpret because there were multiple layers of reinforcement based on grid scans. Another challenge was that the roof still had a membrane on top, which makes it difficult to properly scan with GPR. We were able to connect a couple conduits in the mechanical room on the roof and blind searched, in which we were able to mark one unknown utility lines. We informed the client and provided them with an electronic sketch and PMU for the site.

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