Master Locators provided almost all of our services as part of an extensive project at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. The project took place all along City Ave, and included private utility locating, CCTV pipe inspection, coring, and vacuum excavation. The worked served several purposes, such as providing Quality Level A data to confirm the location of utilities that could potentially conflict with proposed inlets and new construction plans, open manholes that were previously unable to be opened, locate the water main under the proposed median, and video inspect the main trunk line to check the condition of the the pipes. Because of the location of the project, Master Locators coordinated traffic control to ensure safety on all road work. This work was done pre construction, to clear the area and lay the groundwork for construction to begin.

The project started off by Master Locators doing core drilling on proposed excavation locations in the right lane of City Ave to ensure the core bore repair process was followed properly.  Following the coring, our air vacuum excavation crew performed test holes along City Ave and 54th St. The size, depth, material, and direction of the lines were confirmed for water lines, communication lines, sanitary sewer, gas lines, and electric lines. We recorded the inverts, outverts, diameter, material, and direction of approximately 54 inlets. Test holes were performed on approximately 64 utilities that may have conflicted with proposed inlets and new construction.

Master Locators confirmed PA One Call marks on all utilities within the scope of work by using our own equipment to locate and mark out utilities. All findings were recorded and documented  for approximately 56 inlets. Our technicians also confirmed the horizontal location of approximately 64 utilities that may have conflicted with proposed inlets and construction. These utilities were located using GPR and EM scanning. All locatable utilities on City Ave 54th Street were located, and Quality Level A data was provided from the test holes.

Master Locators performed CCTV pipe inspection services on catch basin outlets where the cleanout doors were already opened or were accessible to be opened. We inspected the condition of the catch basin with a push camera, recorded each run, and took pictures. Video inspection services were performed on the main trunk line to check the condition the pipes and mark the location of lateral pipes. A crawler camera was used to inspect storm and sewer lines, which were were found to be heavily congested with mud and debris.

Deliverables: Mark out, Field Drawing, Plan markup, Test hole data sheets, VPI report, Engineering report, Field Service Report


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