Scope of Work: Master Locators was performed GPR survey on a vacant lot on the Northeast corner of 39th St. and Butler St. in Pittsburgh. He began a passive grid scan on radio setting. There was a detected and unmarked unknown line for approximately 42 feet end of information. There was detected low interference or static IVO water line location. We direct connected to the gas valve in the sidewalk and the signal didn’t carry with no tracer present and one call had marked it as plastic. Also direct connected to water valve in sidewalk and detected the inconsistent signal leading into the road and also leading into the scope. The technician marked detectable signal for water and unknown appeared to be at first the same utility, however, GPR could correlate the two in the middle of the end of information. We confirmed the previous mark outs and also marked possible locations of Underground Septic Tank’s that are believed to possibly be present onsite. The customer adjusted the location of one potential borehole due to the utility presence. The other boreholes had no detectable utilities in their vicinities. Utilities were marked out, and also possible Underground Septic Tanks (USTs).

Deliverables: Electronic Sketch / PMU


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