Scope of Work: ML to provide CCTV inspection services for approximately 87, 321LF of piping and culverts underneath the interchange of Rt. 66 and 495, off to the side or in the median. This is a job that takes 100 days to complete using our robotic crawler. The work will take place during the day and at night.  We will also need traffic control on the highway. All of the runs will inspect the pipes on Rt. 66 and 495. Photos of inlet and outlet are required for each pipe, as is video of the inspection. One report/video per pipe segment. Upon some of the results from the job we noticed the cover to a catch basin was significantly cracked and it was unsafe to remove. There were some survey that needed to be abandoned due to settled debris and obstacles. Another run consisted of mud and debris as well as finding a manhole approximately 20 feet from a catch basin that was marked on unknown in video. Some others things that were encountered were settled deposits under water, manholes that were approximately 30 feet deep where they couldn’t get the equipment into the line to inspect. On another run there was a corrugated plastic pipe sticking out of the wall going almost to the other side which would not have let us drop the crawler down the catch basin.

Deliverables: VPI Report

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