Inspection services were needed underneath the interchange of Route 66 and 495. Master Locators provided a CCTV pipe inspection off to the side and near the median of the intersection. The project required a photo and video for each pipe segment. 

Working with traffic control, our team worked day and night for 100 days to complete the project. Using our robotic crawler, we were able to conduct a report for each pipe segment. During the runs, we noticed the following issues: 

  • The cover to a catch basin was significantly cracked and unsafe to remove
  • There were settled deposits under water and manholes that were approximately 30 feet deep where they couldn’t the equipment in line to inspected
  • Corrugated plastic pipe sticking out of the wall, which not let us drop the crawler down the catch basin

We provided a full report to the customer that highlighted these problems to help them determine the next steps for the project.


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