Scope of Work: Phase 1 is GPR, EM & splitbox scans into the area outlined by customer on the North, Northwest, & Northeast sides of Riddle Hospital. Today’s utility locating scans were performed behind the Riddle thrift shop, Riddle Administrative building, and parking lot area next to the Riddle Hospital central utility plant as shown on the Bluebeam sketch. Along the main driveway of Baltimore Pike, there was a set of site lights that ran parallel to the inside of the wood guardrail. They were shown on the old engineering print, however, they were gone and no longer existing. There was a 12” terracotta pipe that was found and we couldn’t get a duct rodder in there from the storm inlet to storm located via GPR in the front parking lot. There was also an unknown line found via two man sweep and split box running where from north to south on the east end of the scope of work.

Deliverables: Electronic Sketch/PMU/VPI Report


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