Princeton Hydro is an environmentalist organization that is currently focused on river restoration and dam removals. In Easton, PA, Princeton Hydro needed to know the exact elevation of the gas line in Bushkill Creek so they could include it in their designs to protect the river. 

Master Locators was called upon to survey the site and perform a soft dig. Since the gas line was located in a creek, it would be difficult to locate in the water and buried under the sentiment. Our team was up to the challenge and went right into the middle of the river for this project. There was sediment moving into the stream channel, which can drop the elevation and potentially expose the gas line. It was important for us to know exactly what elevation it was at, so we could survey it. 

From there, we used a Hydro Truck, Aqua Dam and harness to get down the creek. Using hydro excavation, our team was able to remove the water. However, rainfall impacted the amount of time it took to remove the water, but, nonetheless, we were able to complete this part of the project. After we removed the water, we performed a soft dig to locate the gas line.

Due to our efforts, Princeton Hydro could include the gas line in their designs to add a rock scour protection on the river bank.

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