The Challenge

With plans to build a new restaurant at its facility, the Philadelphia Zoo used Master Locators to provide our private utility locating services before construction started. Located in the Centennial District of Philadelphia, Master Locators set out to remark out all the utilities on the proposed construction site, but soon realized that there needed to be some locating work done as well. 

Our work at the first zoo in the United States led to the grand opening of Earth and Elm in Spring 2019. The restaurant creates a natural, outdoorsy feel in its 20,000 square foot, two-story facility that includes a rooftop deck and multiple dining options.

How We Did It

In three days, our service technicians were able to use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to scan the area for the locatable utilities in the food and beverage area. On the first day, Master Locators scanned the area for old visible marks. In the following days, Master Locators located and marked the water and electric lines along with the storm drain running through the area. As a final deliverable, we provided the client with a field drawing and CAD utility map for their reference.

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