Scope of Work

The Philadelphia Zoo, located in the Centennial District of Philadelphia on the west bank of the Schuylkill River, was the first zoo in the United States. They are currently expanding and building a new restaurant called “Earth and Elm”, set to open in spring 2019. The restaurant will be a 20,000 square foot, two story facility including a rooftop deck, and multiple dining options. The goal is to build a restaurant that creates a natural, outdoorsy feel.

Master Locators was part of the new construction efforts as we performed work on the proposed site before the restaurant construction began. We provided private utility locating services to locate and mark out all utilities on the proposed location of the new restaurant food and beverage area.

Originally, Master Locators was planning to remark utilities that we had previously located. Upon arriving on site however, we realized that we were not going to be able to just mark out the utilities without locating them again. On the first day onsite, we scanned the area for any visible markings from the previous markout we performed. We also marked out storm drains running through the scope. We then proceeded on the second day to locate and mark out the water and electric lines around the carousel and peacock area, and also feeding into the oasis ice cream area. On the third day on the job, we finished marking all the utilities in the scope. This included marking a new duct bank in zoological drive, and heavy electric lines running through the scope.

Deliverables: Mark out, Field drawing, CAD update

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