Master Locators provided private utility locating services for properties which were part of the Philadelphia Housing Authority. This was a several day project and spanned multiple addresses and was part of the Philly Bonding Project. The goal was to locate and mark out all locatable utilities on each designated property.

On the first two days on the job, we were specifically looking for a gas line that was thought to be running through the scope. However, we needed access to buildings to locate the line, which we were not permitted to enter. No gas lines were located inside the scope of work, since the valves were not accessible to us as they were on in a private property. The sketch which we were given where the gas lines were supposed to be located was not confirmed. In the locations where we were able to access the valves, our technician used GPR to locate the gas lines. There were some areas which were so congested with utilities that it was impossible to differentiate the gas lines from the other utilities. We advised our client that test holes be performed to confirm the location of the gas line before digging occurred. Because excavation was already happening on one of the streets in the scope, we were unable to push the GPR in the area due to equipment being set up in the area. We worked in collaboration with PA 811 to mark out the mains in the area. While One Call marked out the mains on the housing properties up to the valves, we marked out from the valves to the houses. We located the gas line and lateral using GPR. Because of the congestion of utilities, test holes needed to be performed to confirm the marked out gas line.

On the second part of the project, we attempted to locate gas lines using Electromagnetic scanning and GPR. With GPR, we were able to locate utilities, but the distinction between utilities was unclear. Again, air or hydro excavation was recommended to confirm utility location and distinction. We located communications and electric lines within the scope of work.

Deliverables: Mark out; Field Drawing, Field Service Report


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