Scope of Work: Master Locators has been hired to mark out all locatable utilities within the outlined scope of work. They requested to walk the scope of work limits with the client to confirm. The client plans on installing multiple duct banks in support of a transformer replacement. The proposed duct banks and planned construction is outlined on a second scope of a work document. There are possible underground abandoned utilities and possible buried fiber optic lines. We found multiple unknown lines throughout the scope, some lines found by coupling to different ground lines and some during passive scans. We did find a water line, but the signal was weak and kept bleeding onto another line nearby. We opened manholes and coupled to each line visible and marked out the duct banks. The area from the single manhole heading south toward the two other manholes, it was very difficult to differentiate one duct bank from the others. While performing the split box scans there was some interference and could not properly perform the scans. In the congested areas and when coming across the other lines that pass through the scope so we did recommend to dig with extreme caution.

Deliverables: Electronic Sketch/PMU


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