The Challenge

Middlesex County Vocational and Technical School added a cafeteria to their campus, and Master Locators was hired to help mark out the utilities before construction began. Using our electromagnetic scanning (EM) and concrete scanning services, we were able to scan the job site and mark out all locatable utilities. Upon completion, Middlesex County Vocational and Technical School could begin construction, in which they would perform saw cutting of the classroom floor and install a neutralization tank.

How We Did It

Our service technician scanned a 30 ft by 100 ft classroom in order to locate and mark utilities for trenching. The concrete floor was approximately 5 inches thick. The technician conducted passive scans throughout the entire area and marked findings in red. We also conducted concrete scans over the premarked trench area and strategic locations. It was also necessary for our team to use a radio clamp to mark out electric cables and communication lines from adjacent rooms. All detected targets were marked on the floor in red paint. We provided the school with a field service report and mark out of locatable utilities at the job site.

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