Scope of Work: Master Locators provided EM and Concrete scanning to locate and mark utilities for trenching. The concrete thickness is approximately 5", and the wire mesh detected a 6” grid. The technician conducted passive scans throughout the entire area and marked findings in red. They also conducted concrete scans over pre marked trench area and strategic locations. We used a radio clamp and marked electric cables from conduits adjacent to the electrical room. Also used a radio clamp and marked electrical feeder cables from switch gear room above the wood shop. Then used the radio clamp and marked out the communication line. The technician observed plastic and empty conduit in electrical room because the conduit is untraceable. The communication lines appear to be overhead. All detected targets were marked on the floor in red paint. Concrete scan the classroom floor for saw cutting and installation of a neutralization tank. Classroom is approximately 30ft. x 100ft. Standard classroom - not a lab with gas lines. They will also will be adding a cafeteria in the construction, and construction is expected to be completed by September of 2018.

Deliverables: Field Service Report, Mark Out, Field Drawing


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