The Challenge

In the beginning phases of a demolition and new construction project, a Gulf gas station and car service center needed to make sure all underground utilities and subsurface features were marked out before work was initiated. Master Locators was able to fulfill this request for both inside and outside the property, measuring a total of about one acre. Due to our private utility locating services, Lou’s Gulf gas station was able to be demolished safely and is expected to be a Wawa in the new construction project.

How We Did It

Master Locators conducted an inside concrete scan of a small storage room and was able to locate the utilities running through the area along with a 500-gallon Underground Storage Tank (UST). Then, our service technicians used ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic (EM) scanning to confirm the locations of all the utilities inside and outside the building. These utilities included gas, sewer, water and electric lines, which were marked out in our electronic sketch. Lastly, our team recommended to pre-clear the area using Vacuum Excavation for borings near the USTs to ensure the area was clear of any subsurface features.

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