Master Locators performed a couple of different services on this project, including private utility locating and concrete scanning. This project was the very beginning phases of a demolition and new construction project. The site was a Gulf gas station and car service center, which was going to be demolished. Plans were for a new Wawa to be built on the site in its place. Master Locators was laying the foundation for demolition and new construction plans, to make sure all underground utilities and subsurface features were marked out.

The scope of work was to mark out all locatable utilities on the entire property of the service station, measuring about 1 acre. This included doing an inside concrete scan in a small storage room in the back of the service station. This was a concrete scan of an area of about 250 square feet where there was rumored to be an Underground Storage Tank (UST). Part of the 500 gallon UST was found underground in the room, while the other part of the tank was located outside the building. In order to locate the UST and other utilities running through the area, we located through approximately 4 inches of concrete and possibly some stone.

Following the markout of the utilities and UST in the storage room, we proceeded to mark out the area in the service station, which was a highly congested area with lots of utilities. Our technician used GPR and EM scanning to confirm the locations of the utilities inside the building. We used the same methods to mark out all locatable utilities outside the building. A known fuel tank supply and vent lines were not locatable. However, we did mark out the suspected location based on disturbances detected with GPR. Other utilities located and marked out included gas, sewer, water, and electric lines.

Master Locators scanned the area designated for proposed borings near some hydraulic lifts. We recommended preclearing using Vacuum Excavation for borings near the USTs to ensure the area is clear of any subsurface features. We scanned the property for any additional USTs or anomalies, and none were detected..

Deliverables: Mark Out

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