Master Locators provided private utility locating services in the Lincoln Plaza parking lot area in Langhorne, PA. This was part of initial pre construction efforts in preparation for several new restaurants set to open at the mall in spring 2019. The new retail stores that will be opening include Homesense, Andy’s Brick Shop, Mandee, and MetroPC. Master Locators was on site before any plans had been set so we could mark out the entire area prior to construction beginning. This was a two day job with the goal of marking out all utilities surrounding two buildings on site prior to fence being installed for new retail locations.

The goal was to locate and mark out all locatable utilities within the scope to clear the area for the installation of the restaurant pads, and for a temporary fence to be installed around the perimeter of the scope. Master Locators performed Electromagnetic scanning and GPR scans on site and as shown on the utility print provided to us by the client, and as directed by the client on site. The scope of work was located in the south parking lot of the Lincoln Center. A former men’s clothing store was previously demolished, and an empty Wachovia Bank was to be demolished as part of the new construction plans.

Our first day on site, our technician located and painted out all located utilities. We did the same thing on our second day on site, flagging our painted markings where possible. All depths that we provided were approximate. There was a sanitary force main pump inside a locked fenced yard that we were unable to gain access.

Deliverables: Mark out

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