The Challenge

The city of Laurel, Maryland is located midway between Baltimore and Washington D.C.. Founded as a mill town, the city has evolved into a residential town that is home to the Department of Defense, National Security Agency and Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory. The small town called upon Master Locators to provide vacuum excavation services to first perform test holes on underground utilities. Through this process, Master Locators would expose an electric bank that is 52 inches long and 6 feet deep in order to implement a new storm system.

How We Did It

It was important to start the project by making test holes and recording the utility type, pipe size, pipe material, condition and elevation as well a location sketch. Using this data sheet information, the Master Locator technicians began digging a trench using air excavation. This process was slowed down due to excess debris, including large rocks, tree stumps, roots and old silt fencing. During this process, our technicians discovered copious amounts of water being vacuumed with hard clay, so the team adapted its strategy and used hydro excavation to help complete the project. Even though the trench filled with water, the team also overcame this hurdle by running a pump to drain the water. In the end, Master Locators exposed the electrical duct bank, so Laurel, Maryland could implement a new storm system.

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