Scope of Work: Master Locators will provide vacuum excavation services to perform test holes on underground utilities. ML will provide services in support of quality level A utility data in accordance with the standard ASCE 38-02. ML will be exposing an electric duct bank approximately 52’ long, 6’ deep hole to clear for foundation. Test hole data for each test hole will be recorded including utility type, drive up directly next to the excavation area. Each data sheet will provide information regarding utility type, pipe size, pipe material, condition and elevation as well as a location sketch. Master Locators technicians arrived on sight and met with the crew to continue digging the trench for the new storm system. The work began using air vacuum excavation by digging closest to the creek and the technicians worked their way towards the road. There was a lot of fill debris such as large rocks, tree stumps, roots and old silt fencing in the hole which slowed down the digging process. We started by vacuuming up the gravel 3 in stone from the existing storm line. We then began to dig out more clay where we came across copious amounts of water which made the clay hard to vacuum up and then proceeded to clog the filters on the vac truck. We realized with soil conditions we would use Hydro excavation as well. We were able to dig out approximately 15 to 20 yards of the approximately 200 proposed yards of dirt from the excavation which was left on sight and dumped in a designated area. The section of the trench that was closest to the creek filled with water when we attempted to find the top of the existing electrical duct bank, so we decided to stop digging that section and wait until we could run a pump to drain the water out. The project lasted 22 days to complete.

Deliverables: Electronic Sketch/PMU, Test hole data sheets

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