Scope of Work:  There is a new bridge being built from Brooklyn to Queens.  This job was pre and post installation inspection. We’re there to do CCTV pipe inspection for approximately 6900 LF of existing and proposed sanitary piping on top and under the bridge.  There were some cracks, fractures, and standing water in some of the lines but overall they were in good shape. We will be most likely heading back in the springtime to inspect the proposed lines that were not installed yet. The pre-construction pipe inspection  we provided gives the customer the knowledge and location of any defects found that are existing. The customer can use this information to come up with a plan to fix the problems before the construction ends. The post construction inspection identifies any new defects that have occurred in the pipe from the construction activity. This will save the companies time and money in the long run. If there was a problem after the job was completed they possibly would be on the hook to fix the issue. Above are pictures to show a rock obstruction near the manhole with a partial blockage and a steel wire that in the line. The customer wanted it removed and they had a wooden handle with a magnet on it onsite.  We were able to attach it to the robotic crawler and able to get it removed. 

Deliverables: Electronic Sketch/PMU, VPI Report

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