The Challenge

There is a new bridge being built from Brooklyn to Queens, which required an inspection of the project before and after the installation. Master Locators was called to perform a CCTV pipe inspection of the existing and proposed sanitary piping above and under the bridge. Our pipe inspection report provided the customer with the proper knowledge to continue construction on the Kosciusczko Bridge.

How We Did It

In the pre-installation inspection, we noticed that there were some cracks, fractures and standing water in some of the lines. We informed the customers about these detects, so the customer could determine a plan to fix the problems before construction ends. The post-construction inspection identifies any new defects that occurred in the pipe as a result of the construction activity. If the problem wasn’t detected, then the company could be responsible for fixing the issue, costing significant time and money. As the final part of this project, we attached a robotic crawler to remove a rock obstruction near a manhole.

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