The Challenge

Located in Camden, New Jersey, there was an old hospital laundry facility that was being transformed into a printing facility. For this project, Master Locators went to the job site for four days to provide private utility locating services of a 31,000 square foot concrete floor in an industrial building.

How We Did It

Master Locators used concrete scanning to complete this project. We utilized concrete imaging and electromagnetic (EM) locating methods for this project. We had to scan a slab of concrete that was approximately 6’ x 8’ thick as well as 4x4 grid scans in select locations. During these concrete scans, we were able to confirm the location of the electrical and other piping lines. Additionally, the service technician identified storm and sewer lines along with several unknowns. A field service report and electronic sketch of the site was provided to the client along with a mark out of all the locatable utilities.


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