Master Locators took a trip overseas to provide our services in the beautiful, tropical Caribbean island of Saint Martin. Our services were part of restoration project on a resort that had been devastated by Hurricane Irma. The resort was in the process of restoring and rebuilding areas that were destroyed, and Master Locators provided services on the renovation of two specific resort properties. Master Locators spent several days working on the project, providing a few of our different services.

The client needed us to help locate, or confirm the lack of, utilities beneath a parking lot area designated for the on-site main camp housing construction personnel. Concrete scanning was provided to aid structural engineers in assessing the integrity of slabs in some of the resorts buildings. We also located utilities in and around the two resort buildings within our scope of work.

Master Locators provide utility locating services to locate outside utility lines using GPR. We used GPR to penetrate under several different surfaces including sand, asphalt, and concrete. We located communication, electric, and storm lines, and two other unknown utility lines running through the scope. Because they were plastic, the water and gas lines were unlocatable in that area, as the GPR was not penetrating well in the asphalt and concrete surface areas. Our technician was able to locate water line for about 50’ before losing the line.

Master Locators also used a CCTV push camera for the purpose of locating a utility line, and checking for any potential blockages and their location on the surface. Our technicians pushed the camera through the main sanitary line, to determine the location of the line coming from the pump station and running to the hotel. During the inspection, there appeared to be a second line, however, it could not be accessed with a 10 foot PVC pipe in a sewage pit. We scanned the entire area around the hotel, and proceeded to scan another part of the resort for the main electric line, and water main. The water line there was plastic, and was located using GPR.

Master Locators spent time performing concrete scanning services to locate utilities and rebar inside. Inside the resort, we scanned an area of approximately 4’x4’ in the location of some electrical panels. In total, Master Locators scanned 27 areas between two separate buildings. Fifteen of these scanned areas were in one resort building, and another twelve scans were in the wings of the hotel. As a result of the concrete scan, we were able to locate and mark out the rebar pattern and conduit found in the concrete.

Deliverables: Electronic Sketch / PMU; Field Drawing


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