Master Locators provided private utility locating services on the campus of Cabrini University in preparation for renovations taking place on the campus. We intended to designate and mark out all locatable utilities within the scope of work, which included three separate areas. We also provided depth estimates on all the marked out utilities at every 20 feet, on turns, and at junctions. The project covered a large portion of area of almost 7 acres between all three locations, and we completed the project in 5 days.

The first area we scanned included a parking garage and east side turn around near the Founders Hall, 3.8 acres. The goal for this area was to locate and mark out anything that crossed the proposed fence line. Known utilities and features in the scope included a gas main, 13.2 volt electric main, telecommunications lines, grease interceptor, chiller, emergency generator, and transformer. However, there were some complications with this part of the project. Cabrini University was having trees cut down in the area where we were locating. Before we finished marking out the utilities, the tree company came in and cleared the area, digging through and severing multiple utilities in the process. Because of this, the University was out of power and was left with a huge amount of damage. Unfortunately, we did not get to finish marking out this area due to the utilities being cut and capped. Debris from the tree cutting were also blocking paths, making access to the site difficult to mark out any other utilities after the damage had been done.

The second area was the west side turn around area by Bruckmann Chapel, measuring approximately 1.3 acres and included known electric lines and a telecommunications duct bank. In the third area, Lanshe House where a new dormitory was proposed to be built, included a knows telecommunications duct bank and buried TV cable lines. This are measured 1.8 acres. In total, we were able to locate gas, water, electric, storm, sewer, and communication lines inside and outside the scope of work.

Deliverables: Mark out, Plan markup, Field Service Report


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