The Challenge

Bryn Mawr Hospital hired Master Locators for two projects. The first required our service technicians to provide our private utility locating services at the loading dock. The hospital planned to clear the area of underground utilities in order to install a fence in the area. Meanwhile, the second part to this assignment had us mark out another area of the hospital campus. The purpose of this markout was to clear the area for a proposed excavation for a column for a canopy.

How We Did It

For the fence project, we needed to mark out a trench line of approximately 3 feet by 100 feet running alongside the curb. Using electromagnetic scanning (EM), we located electric and communication lines along with fiber optic, sewer and water lines. Even though the area was limited due to a steel structure, our technicians performed ground penetrating radar (GPR) and a split box scan to cover the area. We provided the client with a mark out of locatable utilities that would affect the fence installation.

Upon completion of the first mark out, our service technicians scanned a 400 square foot area on the hospital campus. We had marked the area in 2015, but the client wanted us to return to make sure the mark out was accurate in preparation for their new construction of a new canopy. Our technicians followed our standard seven step process to locate and mark out all utilities using GPR and EM. After scanning the area, we located and marked each of the locatable utilities including an electric, water, steam and unknown utility lines. We provided Bryn Mawr Hospital with a field drawing and field service report for their records.

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