Master Locators provided private utility locating services at the Bryn Mawr Hospital loading dock area and another area on the hospital campus. The purpose of the work was to clear the area of all underground utilities in the proposed area for a fence installation outside the hospital. The trench line area which needed to be marked out in preparation for the fence line was approximately 3 feet by 100 feet running along a curb line.

The utilities we located included electric and communication lines running through the scope of work. These lines were located using Electromagnetic scanning. Other lines that were located in and around the scope include fiber optic, sewer, and water lines. There were some limitations to our ability to locate all the utilities in the area as the plastic line from the grease trap in the scope could not be verified. Our technicians also performed GPR and used a split box to cover the area, even though the area was limited due to a steel structure being next to the trench line.

When the markout for the fence installation was completed, we proceeded to locate and remark another area on the hospital campus, which was about 400 square feet. This was a remark from when we were previously onsite in 2015. The purpose of this mark out was to clear the area for proposed excavation for a column for a canopy. Although a copy of our previous markout was provided, our technicians still went through our standard seven step process to locate and mark out all utilities. Our technicians used GPR and Electromagnetic scanning to locate and mark out electric, water, steam, and unknown utility lines running through the scope. After locating the lines on each site, our technician went over the results with the client to ensure that he understood what we did while on site.

Deliverables: Mark out, Field Drawing, Field Service Report


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