The Challenge

BG&E is an Excelon company that needed to locate existing utilities, up to five feet deep, on Walther Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. Master Locators performed test holes using vacuum excavation to provide BG&E with a test hole data sheet. Having this information allowed BG&E to design a 16 inch natural gas pipeline.

How We Did It

Working in downtown Baltimore provided some restrictions on the project, which only allowed our team to conduct work from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Our service technicians used air excavation to perform more than 300 1’’x1’’ test holes. From these test holes, we were able to find an old trolley track, water line, electric lines, terra cotta pipe and communications duct bank. Per the client’s request, we verified the lines at each intersection on Walther Avenue. After we collected the necessary information, we had to backfill and repair the test holes.

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