Scope of Work: Master Locators did vacuum excavation to perform 308 1”x1” test holes along Walther Ave in Baltimore, up to 5 feet deep, to locate existing utilities. This job took 44 days to complete. We came up with a number system for the holes and began the air excavation. Michael Baker is using this information in their design of the 16” natural gas pipeline they are designing for BG&E. All test holes are to be backfilled with proper compaction, and repaired with cold patch. BG&E is performing the permanent asphalt repair, therefore, each temporary patch is to be labeled with “BGE (Date)” of the temporary repair. There are traffic restrictions by BCDOT and the work can only be completed between 9am-3pm. We collected invert information for remaining 5 storm and sanitary inlets. We referred to the Walther Ave utility form for recorded information but verified the lines. The customer requested a check for one main and one lateral at each intersection, so we can attempt to verify one call marks. After we would follow up with GPR work, and assist the vacuum excavation team to finish up final test holes. Some of the findings included the finding of old trolly track, water line, electric lines, terracotta pipe, and communications duct bank. The direction of the pipes were located in the test hole data sheets.

Deliverables: Test Hole Data Sheets


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