Scope of Work: Master Locators needed to scan three areas for utilities that could possibly conflict with proposed trenching and locate a buried manhole. The technician performed passive scans around the hospital entrance guard shack for all utilities. We also performed split box scan and GPR around the hospital entrance guard shack for all utilities. Then, we performed the direct connect scans. After that, we traced and marked out locatable utilities. The electric and storm lines were locatable. The storm line was the only conflict for the proposed trenching. The next location's purpose of this investigation is to locate manhole and mark out all locatable utilities within a 100 x 10 foot outside area. The split box and GPR scans were used to locate the suspected buried manhole and the area was marked out. At the next location, we performed EM scans to locate all/any utilities that could be a potential conflict for proposed trenching. The technician traced and marked out locatable utilities within the scope of work and marked out an unknown line within the scope of work. Ancora Psychiatric Hospital is 515 active bed hospital located in Winslow Township that opened in 1955.

Deliverables: Electronic Sketch, Field Service Report, Mark Out


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