The Challenge

Ancora Hospital is located in Winslow Township and offers 515 active beds for patients. The psychiatric hospital had proposed a trenching project and Master Locators was needed to locate a buried manhole and private utilities. To complete this project, Master Locators scanned three areas surrounding the hospital.

How We Did It

Our service technicians performed ground penetrating radar (GPR) and a split box scan around the hospital entrance guard shack for all utilities. We were able to trace and mark out all locatable utilities, including an electric and storm line. Unfortunately, the storm line posed a conflict for the proposed trenching of the site. For the second location, we marked out all locatable utilities within a 100 x 10 foot area where were able to locate the suspected buried manhole. Finally, we performed electromagnetic scans (EM) at the third location where our service technician was able to mark out all locatable utilities along with an unknown line. We provided Ancora Hospital with an electronic sketch, field service report and mark out for the job site.

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