Scope of Work: The purpose is to perform concrete scanning on 31,000 SF of concrete floor in an industrial building to verify what we’ve been told, that there are electrical and other piping lines through the concrete. This was a 4 day job. We began concrete scanning, utilizing concrete imaging as well as EM locating methods. The scope appears to be very congested with electric lines below the slab. The slab appears to be approximately 6'-8’ thick. The next day continued to concrete scan and focus on locating and confirming all electric conduits that enter the slab. The technician found several unknowns during passive scans and possible reinforcement or abandoned lines. On day 3, we did more concrete scanning completing 4x4 grid scans in select locations. We began identifying the storm and sewer lines. On the final day completed 4x4 grid scans on specific locations as well as the 5 areas for core samples. I continued to identify the storm and sewer lines. The building was old hospital laundry facility in Camden, NJ which is being turned into a printing facility.

Deliverables: Electronic Sketch, Field Service Report, Mark Out


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