About Us

Master Locators recruits top talent and the highest quality of employees to our team. We offer competitive wages and benefits and are most importantly committed to keeping our employees and customers safe, therefore we provide a large amount of training and development to stay up to date and on our toes in the ever-changing world. Our company consists of marketing, sales, operations, human resources, safety, and accounting departments to ensure the growth and success of our company. We place our employees first, making sure they are fully trained, skilled, and aware so that we can successfully serve our customers and families. We are a family-oriented company who truly cares for our employees to help them live better, work smarter, and enjoy the job they are doing!

Life Working Here

Master Locators is one of the region’s fastest growing private underground utility locating and engineering companies. Working for a company that leads the future of the industry and believes in the value of teamwork is an outstanding experience for any professional. I believe strongly in working with other people towards a common goal, and Master Locators defines that concept. Teamwork is essential, but so is proper guidance and leadership. Master Locators has a long history of profound leadership in the industry. Motivation from the top down is what helps employees stay driven. Master Locator’s leaders provide an extensive amount of motivation to keep our team feeling fulfilled and progressive. Working for a company that treats you like family, but also like a valuable asset to the team, comes with a multitude of personal and professional rewards. Working as an employee at Master Locators not only gives you proper job satisfaction, but also an extensive amount of room for growth. Master Locators provides a career, not just any old job. Master Locators invests in their employees by providing proper training and development programs to allow a vast amount of opportunity for further knowledge and growth.  If you are looking for a company that cares about you as the employee, then Master Locators is the place for you.


Master Locators provides competitive salaries and benefits to all employees. We offer Medical, prescription, dental, and vision insurance. We also give each team member 7 paid holidays, annual PTO days, and offer a 401K salary matching program.