Being safe and preventing damages to underground utilities is everyone’s responsibility. To avoid damages to our underground infrastructure system, you need to identify both public and private underground utilities within the limits of your project. The good news is that you do not need to figure this out on your own. To assist you in identifying both public and private utilities,  your first call should be to 811. The call for 811 is free and the service is free for 811 to come to your site to locate all the public utilities. It is also the law, so it is recommended to call at least a week ahead of the time you plan to start digging.

However, did you know that private underground utility lines make up 65% of the underground utility lines in the United States?  For this reason, on every project, your second call should then be to a private utility locating company like Master Locators.

Master Locators can mark out and identify all privately owned underground electrical lines, gas lines, phone lines, data lines, cable TV, water lines, underground storage tanks, sewer lines, septic tanks, irrigation pipes, and so much more.  As an added benefit, we also verify the 811 marks to ensure they are accurately placed. You should never take the risk because you can’t afford to take the risk. We can save you money from a project, but more importantly, it can also save your life. Our technicians utilize the latest technology to locate and identify private underground utilities within an excavation area. It is vital to keep all of your projects and employees safe for public and private utility locating projects that involve any digging activities. Because what’s underneath matters.

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