In the past, we have always referred to the utility locating services we’ve performed as “clearing” an area. In recent months, however, this term has become confusing to a lot of our clients and new staff members. We are taking some action about this and changing our terminology. When we perform utility locating services in a given work area, we will refer to the work we do as “scanning the area.”

The word “clear” has been confused as of late with the fact that the area is clear of utilities. Historically, just because we “cleared” an area, does not mean that there are no utilities present. We used the term “clear” to indicate that we had surveyed and investigated an area. Like when police are storming a structure and they yell “Clear” when they have surveyed a room.

Because of this confusion we are now referring to an area that we have surveyed and investigated as a “scan” or “survey” area. This update will take some time to get used to for Management, Service Technicians, and Clients, but we hope this change will help clarify things in the future.

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