What makes Master Locators stand above the rest is their relentless effort to make a difference in the lives of those around them. “We are committed to sustaining a culture in which people matter, whether it is our employees, customers, or our communities,” said Gus Sareyka, president and founder, Master Locators, Inc.

The owners of Master Locators rallied a group of employees who volunteered to provide humanitarian relief for others in need. This November, Master Locators focused their efforts on the people of Puerto Rico who continue to confront the devastation left by Hurricane Maria. This act of compassion consisted of three parts:

The two owners, Gus and Steve Sareyka partnered with a local church to send themselves and three employees, all expenses paid for one week, to join a team already Serving in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico to focus on construction and other challenging labor-intensive activities.

Master Locators set up a fund for those in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico to which its employees could contribute. For every dollar contributed, the company matched two dollars. This fund was sent directly to residents of Aguadilla to be used solely for their relief.

Master Locators collected supplies sorely needed in Puerto Rico donated by employees and sent them to Aguadilla.

Master Locators focused their efforts on 17 projects across 14 sites. The labor consisted of repairing three churches, replacing nine roofs, fixed plumbing in one home, and clearing seven sites destroyed by debris and fallen trees. “It was a life-changing trip,” added Gus Sareyka. “When you refresh others, you yourself become refreshed.” Through the unification of helping others, the Master Locators team came together through different cultures, foods, languages, and religions, and built relationships that will last a lifetime.

There is still an urgent need for aid in Puerto Rico and Master Locators encourages others to give of themselves in any capacity they can, because what’s underneath matters!

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