Possibly the biggest fact about our concrete x-ray service is that it is not x-ray at all. We utilize special Ground Penetrating Radar equipment for our concrete imaging. Much like the GPR units we use for exterior applications, our Inside Scanning GPR uses pulses of radio frequency that penetrate the concrete, and reflect back once an area of high density is detected.

Most people consider our inside GPR to be a floor X-Ray because the images produced by the equipment resemble an X-Ray image. We will preform a grid scan over the area to be cut, cored, or drilled. This grid scan will produce an image similar to the one pictured to the right, using only safe Concrete Imaging Radar waves. Once our grid scan is completed, we can view the concrete in layers.

Concrete floor x-ray is a much more involved process that requires the use of radio-active waves to penetrate the floor, wall, or concrete slab. Our GPR units provide a much safer alternative and produce similar results. X-Ray requires entire sections of floors and surrounding areas to be segregated, which can take hours just to set up. Using GPR, we can typically scan and mark out all known commodities in a 2′ by 2′ area in less than 15 minutes.

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