Why are private utility locating companies so important?

Why are private utility locating companies so important?

Private utility locating companies go above and beyond traditional call before you dig programs.

Private utility locating services are a critical part of construction and excavation. These companies will locate all utilities that they can find in a given work area. Most governmental programs will dispatch Representatives of the major utility companies in the area. These utility locators will only find they utilities that are “owned” by that company. The gas company will only mark out the gas lines from the main to the meter. If you should have private gas pipes buried on the property after the meter, these will not get marked out. The same is true for water, electric, fiber optics, and so on.

Private Utility Locators pick up the pieces.

Private locating companies will locate any utility they find, including chilled water pipes, steam lines, and even sanitary sewer lines. Most companies will not distinguish between ownership of utilities, they simply mark out every utility they come across. If a utility is detected but the ownership or utility type is not know, it is commonly referred to as an unknown utility.

If you are working or excavating on private property, particularly a commercial or industrial property, you will encounter private utilities. Some of the most common are:

  • Private Gas Lines
  • Private Electric Cables
  • Area / Site Lighting Cables
  • Chilled Water Lines
  • Fire Water Pipes
  • Steam Pipes
  • Sanitary Sewer Pipes
  • Storm Sewer / Drainage Pipes
  • Propane Lines

Working in an industrial setting, you can encounter even more private utilities than what is listed above.

Private utilities are everywhere.

Look carefully and you’ll find them. Shopping malls, hospitals, universities, retirement homes, and even apartment complex’s all have private utilities. Master Locators locates private utilities for contractors, construction, homeowners, and excavation. We work with our clients to provide the safest and most reliable utility mark outs available.

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