CCTV Pipe Inspection Services

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CCTV pipe inspection is ideally used to inspect the interior of pipes and conduit to locate defects, blockages, breaks, laterals, and more.

Master Locators provides CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) pipe inspection services on any accessible pipes, manholes, vaults, inlets, or other underground structures. This includes all sizes of sewer, storm, water or any other pipes where visual inspection is necessary. The length of the inspection can be as much as 900 feet in either direction depending on certain pipes and conditions.

CCTV Pipe Inspections are commonly used to determine breaks, blockages, condition, laterals, and other critical data that can not be obtained from the surface.

When necessary, Master Locators can clear certain pipes of obstructions by deploying jetting technology as well.

Master Locators deliverable will include a copy of the inspection in digital electronic or hardcopy format.



Project Experience Highlight

Master Locators provided over 75 point to point inspections of over 15,000 linear feet of storm and sanitary pipe systems for the Millville airport varying from 4″ to 48″ diameter pipes.

Full catalogue of DVD with chapters delivered with formal reporting.

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