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Create utility maps of existing conditions from scratch or layered on your existing CAD drawings. With the use of sophisticated GPS technologies, we can build and construct an existing conditions CAD drawing for the underground and/or overhead utilities on your job site, campus, or property.

Our standard process for creating utility maps is to completely scan the designated area using electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar equipment for the new plans first in accordance with ASCE 38-02: Data Collection and Depiction Standards. Once we have identified the horizontal location of the utilities, we will collect GPS data for a more precise position of the located utilities. For even more comprehensive data, we can also use our vacuum excavation service to expose ("daylight") any utility in order to provide Quality Level A data, which would include the vertical measurement of the utility, and well as the size, condition, and material type.

Our experienced engineering staff will compile the data into a legible, user friendly CAD drawing that can be used to reference the underground utilities in the project area. This is also especially useful in providing utility information that allows for more efficient future renovations, excavations, water & gas leak detections and repairs, etc.

Project Experience Highlight


Master Locators provided horizontal utility designations with documentation and creation of as-built digital files for the Air National Guard’s entire base located at the Martin State Airport.

We used ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic technology to identify the locations of all the private utilities on the base, included GPS coordinates, for CAD utility mapping and GIS system updates.

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