Once a concrete floor, wall or ceiling is in place it’s impossible to know exactly what is going on inside without specialty equipment. This can lead to costly mistakes on the job site when navigating through previously installed concrete elements. Master Locators’ expert concrete scanning services allow you to tackle the job with all of the information you need to mitigate risk and avoid mistakes when dealing with concrete.

How Does it Work?

We use the latest concrete scanning radar technology, a safer alternative to X-rays. Our specialized GPR equipment is coupled with computer technology to provide fast, reliable information on-site, within moments of the scan. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology performs concrete scans on floors, walls, or ceilings to locate rebar pipes, tension cables, conduits, or any other commodity within or beneath the concrete surface.

Why Do I Need Concrete Scanning?

For structural analysis, our concrete scanning service is a valuable tool which can help engineers to analyze and assess appropriate remedial solutions for concrete structural defects. During the construction phase of a project, cutting or drilling through concrete without knowing the location of reinforcement can damage post-tension cables and compromise the structural integrity of the building. Our certified concrete scanning technicians can help crews navigate through a slab without damaging any structural elements such as a conduit, rebar, post-tension cables, etc.


Can you measure the concrete thickness?

Yes, GPR is capable of assisting us with approximately measuring the thickness of concrete, however we have additional tools to deploy for this service, as well.  Please let us know in advance if you require this data.

Can you see exact rebar size and/or spacing?

We can give estimated width/spacing of the rebar we locate, however, if precision is required, we highly recommend exposing the rebar

Can you tell exact depths of the utilities/conduits?

Yes, we can give estimated depths of the lines we locate.

I just poured the concrete, can you still scan it?

Moisture can have a significant negative impact on the quality of the subsurface investigation. We recommend a minimum of two months curing time before scanning concrete. We are always willing to investigate it sooner, but it’s important to note the limitations in accuracy.