New Philadelphia Parcel Based Storm Water Charges

New Philadelphia Parcel Based Storm Water Charges

The Water Department For The City of Philadelphia Increases Rates for Storm Water Management

Storm Water Bill HeadwallEffective as of June of 2012, the City of Philadelphia has entered it’s Phase II of the revisions to the way storm water usage is billed. In years past, storm, or rain water charges were calculated by measuring the amount of water entering the property, and applying a special surcharge rate to account for the storm water. The new billing structure will bill property owners based on the size of their property, rather than the amount of water they consume. For most properties, this is a dramatic increase.

To offset the hefty spike, the City of Philadelphia is implementing the changes in a series of four phases (see below). The phases allow a period of 4 years for property owners to adjust to the higher cost of the new billing.

New Philadelphia Parcel Based Storm Water Billing Changes

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) states the change is necessary due to increasing storm volumes. Heavy rain can cause “combined sewer overflows into our streams and basement flooding problems.”

Storm Water Credits Are Available

To help reduce the increased cost of your new storm water bill, the PWD is offering Credits to qualifying properties.

The City has adopted a Stormwater Credits Program to provide Non-residential and Condominium property owners an  opportunity to obtain stormwater credits and thereby reduce their monthly SWMS Charge. Stormwater credits can be earned as a result of the construction, operation, and maintenance of  privately owned Stormwater Management Practices (SMP) that reduce a parcel’s contribution of stormwater to the City’s collection and conveyance systems.

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