Leak Locating & Detection

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Our comprehensive leak locating and detection process can save you time and money by pin pointing the source of the damage prior to excavation.

To effectively locate a leak on a water system, we first use electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar technology to locate water surface features and distribution piping throughout the property. This enables us to strategically target a section of the distribution system in order to pin point the exact location of any leak.

Next, we’ll use a very sensitive sound transducer and a level amplifier to detect the slightest of sounds. Testing begins at each appearance of the pipe, i.e. hydrants, valves, risers, meters, etc. to locate the pipe area exhibiting the highest sound level. We can also detect leaks by using helium, a safe gas that’s detectable above the ground surface.

Once the area of the leak is located, we drive a hole using a special 5/8 rod to the pipe allowing us direct contact with, or closest proximity to, the pipe. Our methods provide the best chance to locate a leak, particularly one at a newly constructed joint.

We can commonly find broken joints, cracks, and larger holes in water and forced air pipes.

For an even more comprehensive service, we can utilize vacuum excavation to excavate the area without damage any nearby underground utilities.

Project Experience Highlight


Master Locators performed leak detection services for the United States Army Reserve in Curtis Bay, MD.

A challenging 240,000 SF domestic and fire water system!

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