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Avoid unexpected project delays with our concrete scanning service.

Engineers, Architects, and Contractors have come to rely on Master Locators for professionally delivered concrete scanning services.

Master Locators utilizes Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology to perform concrete scans on floors, walls, or ceilings to locate rebar, pipes, tension cables, conduits, or any other commodity within or beneath the concrete surface.

Our concrete scanning service can “see” into the concrete and produce images similar to a x-ray. Our concrete scanning service can also detect voids within or underneath concrete slabs. This is a valuable service for engineers who need to analyze and assess appropriate remedial solutions for concrete structural defects.

Cutting or drilling through concrete can damage Post-Tensioned cables and compromise the structural integrity of the building. Our certified concrete scanning technicians can help a coring crew navigate through a slab without damaging any structural elements such as conduit, rebar, or Post-Tensioned cables.

We use the latest in concrete scanning radar technology, a safer alternative to X-Rays. Our specialized GPR equipment is coupled with computer technology to provide fast, reliable information on-site. We can help relocate cores to a more ideal location.
The engineers at Master Locators can also provide certified reports, including images captured on site, helping our customers communicate the results to project owners.

Project Experience Highlight

Master Locators provided concrete scanning services to support an interior renovation project for the Rittenhouse Square condos in Philadelphia.

Not only did we provide real time markings of rebar patterns and conduits for saw-cutting and coring activities for the renovation, we provided dimensional sketches for the accurate prefabrication of steel plates that needed to be anchored to the concrete floors for additional structural reinforcement.
Our customer was able to quickly install the plates since the holes were pre-drilled at the safe locations we suggested for installation of the steel plate anchors.

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