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What is a utility Tolerance Zone?

When referring to marked-out underground utilities, a tolerance zone refers to the amount of space parallel and directly next to the underground pipe or cable that the utility may reside within. Many state one-call and 811 systems have a required tolerance zone of 18″-36″ on either side of the utilities depicted size. For example, if a water line is…
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Contractor’s Near Miss

Utility Locating Case Study: Contractor’s Near Miss A playground was already designed and prepared for equipment placement. However, due to a miscommunication, no utility locating service was performed prior to installing the playground equipment. The installation crew arrived and began power auguring holes for footers.  On the second hole they hit abandoned cable lines and nearly hit a…
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The Dangerous Boundaries of Contract Locators

he Dangerous Boundaries of “Contract Locators” – Submitted by Matt Crosby, Master Locator Contract locators perform a great service in utility damage prevention; however, understanding exactly who they’re doing it for can help you better understand your risks. Our case study begins with a fencing contractor replacing a damaged fence that was caused by a…
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