Our vision is to be the most trusted partner in the United States for subsurface investigations. Our Motto “Because What’s Underneath Matters” speaks to more than just what’s underground, it’s part of the core fiber that separates us from other subsurface investigations companies. The deep respect we have for our customers and employees is the foundation for all decisions that we make. The integrity that forms the foundation of the Master Locators brand is shown to our customers by providing them with the most honest and open communication possible. The passion we have is at the heart of our company by continuously being responsive, moving forward, innovating, and improving. We pride ourselves on operating with integrity and honesty, and treating our customers with the utmost respect. To us, it’s about more than business. It’s about being a positive force in our community and being the best possible organization we can be.

Leaders in Utility Locating for more than 15 years

Master Locators was started by two brothers who worked together in an excavation business. Working side by side together for decades, they observed their employer’s lack of respect towards its employees and lack of service towards its customers.  “I can recall conversations with my brother, even then, that if we were ever in our own business, we would treat our customers and employees differently” says Master Locators owner and President, Gus Sareyka.

Not surprisingly, the excavation business was eventually shut down, and they found themselves work with Hanby Associates, an electrical engineering company that performed underground utility locating as part of their service offering.  As demand for that service picked up outside the scope of electrical engineering, Hanby offered to sell the locating portion of the business them. So, in 2003 Master Locators was created but the dream to treat customers and employees different has not been forgotten and is constantly in their thoughts and resonates throughout the organization today.  “We firmly believe, that the success of our company is a direct result of the blessings from following through with this approach”, Steve Sareyka, Vice President.

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Who Do You Call Before You Dig?

Being safe and preventing damages to underground utilities is everyone’s responsibility. But how can you make sure that you know what's underground? Here's your answer.

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Asphalt Repair Service

Master Locators is pleased to introduce the hot mix asphalt repair service! This brand new equipment is fully prepared for all roadway and driveway vacuum excavation projects that are looking for a more permanent restoration.

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Electromagnetic Vs. GPR

Beyond the safety and well being of individuals involved, the two most critical components in evaluating the success of your project is cost and time.

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